Project Description


Called the Nature Isle, Dominica is the Caribbean of yesteryear, not only in its down-home charm but with diving that feels like it’s been preserved for future generations. A high volcanic island covered with lush, green rain forests, Dominica has hundreds of waterfalls and rivers, and two boiling lakes. Thermal springs erupt around the island including underwater where volcanic bubbles and warm water emanates from certain sites. A big attraction is the pod of sperm whales that stay close to the island from November to March. If you’re looking for a vacation that provides interaction with unspoiled nature both above and below the water, Dominica is the place.

The diving off Dominica is as rich and varied as its topside attractions, from volcanic vents spewing bubbles and hot water, to submerged volcanic craters with dramatic vertical walls, and gently sloping shelves of coral and sponge.

The waters of Dominica are protected: the Southern end of the island is the Scotts Head Soufriere Marine Reserve, the north being the islands first marine reserve, the Cabrits Marine Reserve.